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Welcome to Phoenix Tai Chi London Academy

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Tai Chi Chuan, a form of martial art is fast gaining popularity as an excellent system of training for health and general wellbeing. The slow, graceful and gentle pace is ideal for everyone, whether the training is for health or self-defense.

Welcome to Phoenix Tai Chi London Academy Tai chi is practised slowly to allow the practitioner time to develop their balance and carefully analyze, as well as put feeling and focus into, the movement. It also makes it easier to recognise and correct errors in posture. Although most of the forms in Yang style are performed slowly, changes in speed are often used in foundation training exercises, the training of applications, and in Chen Style forms during the release of explosive power (Fa Jing). Both aspects are necessary to fully understand the martial aspect of Tai Chi and to use it for self-defense.


Phoenix Tai Chi Chuan London Academy will help you to:
- Develop skills for self-defense
- Foster self-awareness and confidence
- Increase energy levels
- Maintain or increase flexibility, strength and vitality
- Improve posture, coordination and balance
- Develop the ability to relax and let go of tension
- Develop inner stillness and calm
- Help deal with stress Welcome to Phoenix Tai Chi London Academy
Principal Instructor C.P. Ong and Master L.L.Lim
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